Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Zack Snyder Tweets us a NEW Batmobile With Added Bang!

In case you were avoiding the internet due to the imposed website slow downs for net neutrality awareness or turned in early, here's a look at the most detailed photo of the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Batmobile provided via Twitter by Zack Snyder.

My first impression was that it looked damned imposing, not to mention, friggin' balls awesome! As I looked over the details of the vehicle, what caught my attention the most was the massive dual gun turret on the front hood. You may ask "Why does this detail stand out so prominently considering the extraordinary size of the vehicle as a whole?" Well, it's because of a couple of the main caveats of Batman you consider when you are telling a story about the character. Batman does not condone the use of standard guns and he does not kill. Perhaps this gun utilizes rubber bullets. I'm not sure. I tweeted Zack for the information. I'm waiting in good hopes of a response. Sadly, I'm betting it's some high caliber munitions used for lethal force. Zack Snyder does not hold a good record of keeping within the parameters of established characterizations.

I know I am a stickler for accurate portrayals of the superheroes I've grown up following. However, I do concede that times have changed as have personal sensibilities. Does a Batman that uses lethal force give you pause or should this be accepted as a viable change to the character in accordance to the new era of right to arms and open carry activists?

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